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Meet the Milwaukee-Eight, Harley-Davidson’s Newest V-Twin Engine

Posted by Sherry Long

Feb 22, 2017 10:37:53 AM

Those folks who say good things never last, well, they must ride a different brand of motorcycle. While it’s not quite forever, 107 years is a pretty long time. That’s how long Harley-Davidson’s V-Twin engine has been around. Perhaps even more impressive, is that in that entire time, just eight legendary designs have powered the millions of motorcycles ridden off H-D assembly lines; fabricated in high-end custom shops; and hammered together in dusty, dimly lit garages. Only eight V-Twin motors in 107 years. Until now...


2016 will go down in motorcycle history as the year that Harley-Davidson gave us the Milwaukee-Eight, the ninth in the lineage of the company’s iconic Big Twin engines and the most powerful one H-D has ever built. Down the road, Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight will share conversation and swap meet counter space with words and labels like “Flathead,” “Knucklehead,” “Pan” and “Shovel.” And, while those last four motors carry an almost mythical status, we’ve gotta be honest … the Milwaukee-Eight might just be Harley’s best engine yet. Why? Because you helped build it.

Here at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, we love touring motorcycles. At the Crossroads of America, our city is one of the nation’s best starting lines for any great road trip. As the state’s oldest Harley dealership, we know these machines better than most. The coolest thing about the new engine is that Harley-Davidson reached out to all types of people to get input and feedback on how best to build it. Harley fans, folks who ride other brands … even first-time riders and those who don’t own a bike yet but are considering the Bar & Shield name. H-D did its homework and got an A+ in our book, by taking the time to actually listen to people in order to find out what riders really want in a touring motorcycle.



So, here’s the big question - what do years of research, testing, and engineering give you, the rider? Let’s take a look:


  • More power, thanks to larger displacement and higher compression 
  • Quicker acceleration (we’re talking two to three bike lengths faster from 0-60 mph)  

  • Improved rider and passenger comfort, due to enhanced heat management  

  • Improved fit, because of narrow primary and optimized air cleaner shape
  • Reduced vibration that comes from an internal single counter balancer
  • Richer exhaust notes resulting from less mechanical powertrain noise
  • Lower idle speed for even better sound and less heat
  • Improved charging (50% more output to meet increased touring accessory needs)


Eight serious improvements that make H-D’s ninth V-Twin their new #1.


We know you’ve heard about the Milwaukee-Eight engine. Powersports writers and motorcycle fans, even the competition, can’t stop talking about it. But have you heard the engine itself, in person? Have you felt exactly what it can do? Indiana’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership invites you to experience Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin for yourself. Come on down to Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson and schedule a free test ride. Or, book a test ride online from just about anywhere. Whether you’re a veteran of touring motorcycles, ride another style, or are brand new to bikes, we guarantee you’ll love this new motor and the new machines it powers. Stop by and see what all the talk is about today.

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates

Posted by Sherry Long

Feb 10, 2017 3:53:16 PM


Guys, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. This year, ditch the drug store chocolates and ignore those internet flower ads. Tell your girl you love her, and show her you really mean it by giving her some great gifts from Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson.

We’ve got what you need to guarantee an arrow shot from Cupid instead of a swift kick in the butt.




Sweet Shirts & So Much MoreScreen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.55.44 PM.png

At Indy Southside, our MotorClothes® department is always stocked with the latest styles and trends from H-D®. From shirts to sleepwear, jewelry, riding gear, and even gift cards, we have something for everyone and every budget.


Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.02.36 AM.pngFellas, does your better half have a good heart and a bit of a bad side? Celebrate both with a Women’s Clear Rhinestone Skull Necklace. »

Ladies, make sure you and your guy take advantage of mild winter riding days with a men’s mid-layer Thunder Hooded Soft Shell Jacket.

 Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.15.35 AM.png


For the Bike

Are you two looking for a romantic overnight escape? Whichever bike you ride, if it’s a Harley then Southside can help you get away. The H-D Premium Overnight Bag is the perfect size for those short trips, and mounts directly to your Tour-Pak Luggage Rack or Sissy Bar Upright.

 Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.17.59 AM.png

Need an entire weekend to reconnect? Ask our parts team about Harley’s Premium Touring Luggage System. This two-bag setup features expandable storage so that you can really pack it all in. Attach the Premium Shoulder Straps and take your gear with you after parking your bike.



Pounding Hearts, Pounding Pavement

Make this the best Valentine’s Day ever, for you and yours. At Southside Harley-Davidson in Indianapolis, we have more than 70 new and pre-owned motorcycles, with brand new 2017 models s. Plus, some of our best promotions of the year are going on right now. Ask us about locking in a low 0.99% APR, or how to ride home with a free extended manufacturer’s warranty. The deals don’t end there. Stop by today and see for yourself.

Speaking of deals, if you and your loved one are free this Saturday, February 11, come on out to Southside for our annual Valentine’s Pack-a-Sack event. Starting at 10 a.m., the first 50 adults through our doors will receive a sack. Any H-D licensed products you can fit in that sack will be 20% off! You’ll also get free gift wrapping.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday. Need a last minute gift for your sweetie? Give the gift that says “I like the way you roll.” We’ve got you covered at Southside.

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How to put your Harley Davidson motorcycle in transport mode

Posted by Sherry Long

Jul 28, 2015 4:34:00 PM


Have you ever trailered your Harley-Davidson a long distance, only to deal with a dead motorcycle battery once you’re finally ready to ride?

It’s a pain many Harley owners have suffered, but there’s a simple solution.

Here at Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson we’ve written a how-to article so your bike is ready to go as soon as you are. Learn how to put your harley in transport mode and save your motorcycle's battery for your next ride. Then scroll below to watch our Youtube Video for step-by-step instruction.

Your Harley has a feature called Transport Mode, and you should use it. When activated, it turns off your motorcycle’s motion detection without disengaging the entire security system.

This allows you to travel with your bike without disabling the security system.

Just remember that trying to start the engine when your fob is out of range will still trigger the alarm.

 For 2014 and 2015 models:

  1. With an assigned fob within range, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION.
  2. Before the security system lamp goes out, turn the ignition switch to OFF.
  3. Within three seconds, simultaneously press both the left and the right turn signal switches.
  4. After the turn signals flash once, the system enters the transport mode. With the fob removed, the motorcycle can be moved without setting off the alarm.

Exiting Transport Mode is even easier. To turn it off, make sure your assigned fob is within range, and turn your bike’s ignition switch back to IGNITION. Presto. You’re done.

If you ride a 2013 or older Harley-Davidson, engaging Transport Mode requires a different technique. Stop by Indianapolis Southside H-D and we’ll show you how to do it.

If you learn better by watching instead of reading, we’ve posted the video below and on our YouTube channel. Be sure to like, comment, and share it with your friends and fellow Harley owners.

Whether you’re trailering your motorcycle to the Sturgis Rally, like to travel with your bike behind your RV, or plan to move it from one place to another, be sure to save your bike’s battery with our tips.


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