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Helpful Motorcycle Tips for a Great Fall Road Trip

Posted by Sherry Long

Oct 22, 2014 4:41:18 PM


More and more riders are gearing up for their fall road trips. We get asked all the time for advice on what to bring, what to leave at home, how to pack a bike, and even where to go. So Indinapolis Southside Harley-Davidson offers some trusty tips on how to make your trip one worth remembering.

 What should I pack?

Harley-Davidson_Riding_GearIt seems like such a simple question, but it’s one without a specific answer. There really is no “right” way to pack for a motorcycle trip (though there are plenty of wrongs). It is more a matter of personal preference. Just like some campers choose a backpack while others prefer an RV, we see riders strap a duffel bag between their handlebars, pull trailers behind their Harleys, and everything in between.

Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson does have a few gear suggestions to consider:

  •       Lightweight synthetic clothing
  •       Cold weather attire
  •       Rain gear
  •       Multi-tool
  •       Tire pressure gauge
  •       Flashlight or headlamp
  •       Extra batteries
  •       First aid kit
  •       Toiletries
  •       Sunglasses & sunscreen
  •       Maps or GPS
  •       Cell phone (don’t forget the ISSHD mobile app!)
  •       Phone charger
  •       Books & journal
  •       Laptop or tablet computer (if it fits)
  •       Drivers license
  •       Extra cash & credit cards

It likely goes without saying, but bring with you all the appropriate riding gear you need (helmet, leathers, gloves, boots, etc.), even if you don’t plan on wearing everything all the time. Remember that laws vary widely, so plan ahead before traveling over state lines.


How can I carry more on my bike?

Most motorcycle riders plan for what they’ll bring on a road trip, but many often forget about what they’ll pick up along the way. Thankfully, Harley-Davidson has several storage solutions.

 The Harley-Davidson Premium Luggage Collection includes a wide range of storage products to satisfy all of your road-tripping needs. Bring your bike out to Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson for a customized fitting by our parts & accessories pros. From saddlebags and travel bags, to luggage racks and anything in between, our team can create all the storage space you need, no matter how far you go or how long you’re gone.

Where should I go?

Located right here in Indianapolis, Southside Harley is the perfect starting point for any motorcycle trip. If you call central Indiana home, you know how easy it is to get to just about any place in the state in only a few hours. Want to go further? Visit our showroom and talk to a member of our team about great destinations all year long. 

Another great source of wisdom and friendly advice can be found within our local H.O.G. Chapter -  Indianapolis Southside Chapter of H.O.G. Harley Owners Group.  riders are a tightknit bunch and many are happy to share personal experiences to help you plan your ride. Visit our chapter website for membership info.

Fall is a favorite season for motorcycle road trips. Before you go, swing by Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson for the official H-D parts, gear, and service to keep you focused on the road ahead, not what you left behind. Have fun out there.

Don’t want to forget anything? Print this helpful pack checklist courtesy Harley-Davidson and
Indianapolis Southside H-D to make sure all your essentials go with you when it’s time to hit the road.

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The Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan has you covered

Posted by Sherry Long

Oct 2, 2014 2:31:00 PM

Harley Davidson Extended Service Plan


Funny how trouble always seems to rear its ugly head right when we least expect it. When things go wrong, they rarely go wrong at a time or place that is convenient for us. And although Harley-Davidson motorcycles are built tough to withstand years of hard riding in the roughest of environments, trouble can and does catch up from time to time.

Don’t wait for it to find you; protect yourself and your bike with the H-D Extended Service Plan, available at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle Service Plan

This program isn’t some gimmick that doesn’t really cover anything. On the contrary, Harley-Davidson has designed a comprehensive protection plan packed with exclusive benefits for you, the owner. In fact, the H-D Extended Service Plan is the only plan of its kind that is factory-endorsed by Harley-Davidson. Simply put, you won’t find something this good from anywhere else.

We have compiled a short list featuring some of the many perks included in the H-D Extended Service Plan. These assurances include:

  • Mechanical breakdown coverage on more than 1,100 parts.
    All repairs will be performed by the experts at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson or the H-D dealership of your choice, using genuine H-D Motor Parts.

  • Nationwide repair location assistance.
    The H-D Service Center can help you find the nearest H-D dealership for repairs of your covered breakdown.

  • Rental reimbursement.
    $75 per day (up to $750 maximum) for rental vehicle charges after a covered breakdown.

  • Travel/lodging reimbursement.
    $150 per day (up to $450 maximum) per occurrence for meals and lodging if your road trip is interrupted by a covered breakdown.

  • Contract transfer.
    Selling your motorcycle? You may transfer any remaining plan coverage to the next owner. This can easily increase the bike’s resale value.

Authorized Service for your motorcycle

Best of all, this Motorcycle Service Plan is available on any new or qualifying pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle! Contact Doug Cummings, our F&I Business Manager, for more information and a full list of plan details.

Ride smart and rest assured that Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson has you covered, long after you walk out of our dealership doors. Visit us today to learn more.

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Harley Financing Makes Sense (& Saves You Dollars)

Posted by Sherry Long

Sep 29, 2014 2:41:00 PM

financeoffer bannerWe think it’s awesome that you’re interested in a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We also know it sucks that your bank account isn’t big enough to cover the entire up-front cost. Trust us – you’re not alone. That’s why Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson offers flexible in-house financing to all of our customers. Now you have another option when it’s time to buy your next bike.

And now might just be the best time to buy. Right now, you can ride off on a brand new Harley for no money down and APR as low as 0.99%. That’s it! Walk in with nothing, leave on a Harley.

You have less than a month to take advantage of this awesome offer. Once October 31 arrives, it’s gone. Contact our Indianapolis Motorcycle Specialists for details.

This great offer is available for eligible customers on the following 2014 Harley-Davidson models:

At Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, we make it easy to apply. Simply visit our dealership in person, or find a motorcycle financing application right on our website. Tell us what make, model, and year Harley you’re interested in, along with any other pertinent information you think we should know. Online applications are quick and easy to complete, and are processed by Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) within a single business day.

While you’re on our finance application page, don’t forget to click the link to check current motorcycle insurance rates and get a free quote, all courtesy Harley-Davidson Insurance Services!

On the flip side, are you thinking about selling your bike, but don’t know how to make your ad stand out from the crowd? Another cool thing we offer here at Indy Southside H-D is seller assistance. With us by your side, now you can offer prospective buyers the choice of financing through HDFS. Giving buyers the chance to finance your used bike sets you far apart from other private sellers, and gives you peace of mind knowing that the pros at Harley-Davidson are assisting in your sale.

We have a wide range of Harley-Davidson motorcycle models and styles, both new and used, in stock and ready to ride away today. If financing makes sense for you or you want to learn more about our Seller’s Assist program, call, email, or visit our dealership today. We look forward to helping you!

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