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Hannah Kirkland

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Why Harley-Davidson changed their 2018 Softail Lineup

Posted by Hannah Kirkland

Sep 8, 2017 1:20:30 PM

We're nearing the end of summer and that means Harley-Davidson has unleashed their new 2018 models. One major change for this model year was to combine everything you love about Dynas with everything you love about Softails to create one all-new family of Softails. A lot of H-D riders are wondering what exactly this means for their 2017 and older Dyna favorites. We at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson are hoping we can answer those questions and alleviate some concerns for you.

 Street Bob 1.jpg

   Street Bob 6.jpgStreet Bob 2.jpg

The new H-D Softail Street Bob

The bikes included in the new Softail line are:

  • Street Bob
  • Fat Bob
  • Low Rider
  • Fat Boy
  • Heritage Classic
  • Breakout
  • Deluxe
  • Softail Slim

To all the Dyna diehards out there not sure what to make of the new Fat Bob, Street Bob, and Low Rider, don’t worry. The new models include the most powerful engine that produces more torque than has ever been offered on these cruiser bikes. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 engines give faster acceleration to get from 0-60 faster than ever. There’s a new, reinvented frame, new metal, new suspensions, etc. The new Softails have features that come from the 2017 touring line, including the H-D dual-bending valve front suspension system. They’ve changed what was old, but kept what Dyna riders loved.

low rider.jpg

The new Low Rider

American Iron Magazine says, “The fundamental tenets of this product lineup are: engine, dynamic capability (better handling), rider and passenger comfort, and weight reduction. No rider can argue that improvements in these points don’t lead to a better ride”. The eight new Softails all are up to 35 pounds lighter than its previous counterparts. They still have the classic cruiser look you’re used to, but with some modern features. The new bikes have better suspension, and with a lighter bike, the ability to steer and turn more easily. According to Harley, the new Softail models “have a 34% stiffer chassis overall. You get quick and precise response to your inputs, which means riding hard and true never felt easier”.

chassic.jpgWhat this new lineup gives H-D fans is potential. There’s aggressiveness in these bikes, customization options, new colors, updated style. We know Harley has that distinctive Harley look, and at first glance these models may seem way different. However, the Softails still have what H-D riders want—just with some slight variations and upgraded parts.

There are tons of articles out there about the new models, but the best way to decide what you like is to ride them. On September 9th and 10th, ISSHD will be hosting our Fall Demo Days with the 2018 H-D Demo Fleet. You’ll be able to see the new bikes up close and personal, as well as take ‘em for a guided demo ride. We can answer any questions that you may have about any specific model, and help you compare them to older bikes. Southside Harley is committed to making this transition as easy as possible for our guests, and Fall Demo Days is an ideal time to do that. You can also always contact our awesome Motorcycle Sales Team and they'll be happy to talk you through the new bikes and schedule individual test rides if you can't make it to demo days. PRE-REGISTER FOR  FALL DEMO DAYS



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Indiana's Best Motorcycle Routes

Posted by Hannah Kirkland

Aug 19, 2017 11:45:00 AM

If you didn't make it to Sturgis this year, but are looking to put some miles in on your Harley-Davidson and go on a motorcycle adventure, take a look at this list we’ve compiled of some of the best motorcycle routes in Indiana. There are plenty of routes that you can take nearby that will make you feel like you’ve gone on a vacation, instead of a couple hours from home. 

A short ride from Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, State Road 135 south of Indianapolis is a scenic and enjoyable ride. There’s the small town of Bean Blossom, that hosts a large Biker Fest every June, and not too far from that is the village of Nashville. Stop by for lunch and visit the various shops the town has to offer. Brown County is known for it’s awesome foliage in the fall, so you need to put this ride on your to-do list if you haven’t been. If you keep going south on SR 135 you’ll hit the tiny town of Story, Indiana. It’s a windy trail that will eventually take you to Story Inn, a hotel with a killer restaurant and lots of events. 


destinations 550p-1.jpg 

After you hit Nashville you can head west on SR 46 and drive through Brown County. Stop by Brown County State Park and enjoy the lakes and various lodges as your ride through. You’ll end up in Bloomington, which is home to Indiana University and a lively downtown area. From Bloomington you can take US 37 north and discover different country roads to travel on your way back home.


If covered bridges and dams are what get your gears going then head out on SR450. If you go west out of Bedford then you’ll get a great view of the White River. You’ll pass lots of farms, ride through rolling southern, Indiana hills, and see the Williams Dam built in Lawrence, Indiana. Though it hasn’t been used for its original purposes since the 1960s, it’s an area many bikers like to stop and take in the view.

    williams dam.jpeg5121984845_b35cae62a9_b.jpg

Finally, a must-do ride is the Crawford-Perry County River Loop. In total it’s about 120 miles and there’s some  beautiful sights to see. The Ohio River, Hoosier National Forest, and Cannelton Locks and Dam. Awesome for spring or fall, the scenery on this trip cannot be beat. 


You may be feeling bummed out that you couldn't make it to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but that doesn’t mean Indiana doesn’t have plenty of roads to make a memorable ride. Twist that throttle and go. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

If you need any packing tips, take a look at our previous blog post Harley Road Trip Tips. Our awesome Service Department can get your bike road trip ready in no time.

Remember, each state has it's own helmet law. If you're traveling out of state, click the link below for each state's helmet laws.


photo credits: photo #1 (visitbrowncounty.com), photo #2 (motorcycleclassics.com), photo #3 (Tony Lombardi, flickr.com), photo #4 (indianarivers.com), photo #5 (Earl Teatherbury, flickr.com)

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Harley Road Trip Tips

Posted by Hannah Kirkland

Aug 4, 2017 1:45:21 PM

It’s summertime and the ridin’ is easy. If you’re going on a road trip or just headed out for a long weekend, then what and how to pack your bike is probably on your mind. Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson wants to help you take the guesswork out of packing so that you can get to your destination easier and safer. 

road trip blog 1.jpg


You want your bike’s added weight to be as low as possible. If you are deciding whether or not to take something with you, think about cost. If it’s something affordable that will be available for purchase at your destination, then that is something to consider instead of bringing it with you. In addition to adding the least amount of weight possible, it is also important to keep your bike balanced. Small weight differences of 5-10 pounds on one side can make for an exhausting trip. Keep the added weight close to the bike’s center of gravity, which is low and toward the tank. Make sure you don’t block the airflow to the engine. You may need to adjust your tire’s air pressure depending on the amount of extra weight.


What to Bring:road trip blog 2.jpg

Rolling clothes takes up less space than folding, and large zipper-lock bags work well when storing them. Zipper-lock bags can also be used for a number of other items such as toiletries, cash, credit cards, and tools. Try to bring tools that are multi-purpose as opposed to one-use items. Lighter is always better, so if you have access to a washer and/or dryer where you are staying, plan to use it and pack accordingly! Put your emergency items and other items that you may need to get to quickly in one saddlebag, and your overnight things in the other. 



It’s also important to do a “dry run” before you begin your journey. Pack up everything as you would if you were leaving, but take a short ride (1-2 hours) and see if adjustments are needed. Southside H-D wants to make your summer trips as easy as possible, that’s why you can stop in 7 days a week and talk to our Parts & Accessories department about the newest Harley-Davidson luggage for your bike.

premium touring bag.jpg      heritage softail leather touring bags.jpg  imgres-1.jpg


Be Weather Aware:

Lastly, you may never know what kind of weather you will encounter if you’re on the road for a long period of time. Southside H-D has all your rain wear and high-visibility needs. Come in and talk to anyone in our MotorClothes department who can supply you with knowledge to make the right riding gear purchases.

Harley-Davidson has a checklist of essentials and extras for long trips, as well. Regardless of your destination, Indy Southside has you covered. We hope these road trip tips get you roll. Ride on!

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