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8 Solutions To The Most Frequently Asked Infotainment System Questions

Posted by Dan Novit

Jun 27, 2018 5:54:45 PM

There's nothing nearly as refreshing as cruising down a long stretch of country road on your Road Glide®- or any HarleyDavidson® touring bike- while blaring your favorite tunes and breathing in the scenic landscape. While the wind-splitting adrenaline and natural wonder alone can be enough to satisfyyour craving for freedom, Harley-Davidson leaves riders no room for hunger with the factory-standard Infotainment System on select touring models.

Harley Davidson InfotainmentIn typical H-D® fashion, the Boom!™ Box Infotainment System was designed to enhance the riding experience by bringing together modern bluetooth capabilities and a sophisticated navigation system into one convenient package. But with so much to offer, riders can sometimes be overwhelmed with the vast assortment of features and options.

When you purchase a Harley-Davidson touring bike, you’re making an exciting investment, and the last thing we- here at Southside Harley-Davidson- would want is for you to miss out on some of the Infotainment system’s most beneficial features hidden right under your nose. That’s why we’re going to take some time to address some of your most frequently asked questions about the system in the following how-to guide.

First, keep in mind that there are two Boom! Box Infotainment models available. You’ll notice that the 6.5 model comes equipped with navigation, which we will be discussing below. The 4.3 model isn’t equipped with navigation, but we’ll also be digging in to some of the coolest bluetooth features of the Infotainment System, which will apply to both models.

1. How do I enter an address into my navigation system?

We’ve received quite a few questions regarding this particular topic here at ISSHD. That’s because entering the address of your destination is a bit different on the Infotainment System. Many GPS systems are designed for users to key the desired address in the format of street number > street > city > state. But the Infotainment navigation system was designed for address entry in the reverse format, state > city > street > street number.

You may be wondering why the system was designed this way. Well, the Infotainment navigation system will auto-populate your state first, recognizing your current GPS location. This makes it easier for the system to auto-populate your most probable intended destination.

2. How do I find nearby points of interest?

If you’re on the road and you’re ready to fill up your tank
(or your stomach), Infotainment makes it easy for you to find nearby locations by choosing from more than 65 point of interest categories. You simply select
POI from the main navigation menu, and then select category. You can even select Spell Name to manually enter a POI category, such as “gas,” “food,” or “hotel.”

If your system is already navigating to a specific destination, you can search a POI around that area, or you can select Near Your Location from the POI menu to find what you’re looking for nearby or along your current route.

Another cool POI feature is the Dealerships category, which is easily accessible on the main navigation menu. This tool utilizes your current GPS location to populate a list of Harley-Davidson dealerships nearest to you with just one touch. Let’s see your Garmin do that.

The POI menu is full of handy little features to help you find and navigate to any place you’d like to go. Don’t be afraid to take some time to play around and get acquainted with the system.

3. Is there a cost to use the Infotainment navigation features?

No- there is absolutely no charge for using your Boom! Box navigation system. However, maps are updated annually and these updates are available for an additional charge. We recommend purchasing updates so your map data is up to date (there’s nothing worse than navigating to a nearby pub only to find out that they shut down a year prior). Talk to one of our Harley-Davidson Service Advisors for more information.                                          

4. How do I pair my Bluetooth compatible phone?

First, you’ll want to make sure that the Bluetooth option on your phone is turned on and that it is “discoverable.” Then, you’ll need to get to the Add New Device screen on your Infotainment system. You can get to this screen a few different ways, but the quickest will be to start from your home screen and select Com > Phone > List Paired Device > Add New Device.

At this point, the system will search for and populate a list of devices to connect with. Simply select the device you’d like to pair, and follow the prompts on the screen. Now, the system will likely ask you to confirm that both your phone and Infotainment system both display a matching PIN code.

Once you confirm this, you’ll be prompted to enter an emergency contact (you can opt out, if you wish), and- vaula!- you’re paired up and ready to go.

5. How do I stream music from my device through the Infotainment system?

Of course, you need some tunes to rock while you roll. Once you’ve paired your device, as described in the previous step, simply select Media from the home screen and select your device from the list. Now, just launch the app you wish to stream from your phone (Pandora, Spotify, etc.) and your music will stream through your Boom! Box audio system.

6. Why can’t I hear the music I’m streaming through my Infotainment system?

If you’ve followed each step properly, but you can’t hear your music through your Infotainment system, make sure the volume on your device is turned up to the loudest level. If not, music may not stream properly through your system.

7. Why can’t the person on the other end of my call hear me speaking to them?

In order to make and receive phone calls properly through your Infotainment system, you’ll need a compatible headset. Without one, you’ll be able to hear your contact through your Infotainment system, but they won’t be able to hear you. For the best quality and seamless compatibility, we recommend the Boom! Audio 20S Evo Bluetooth® Helmet Headset. Learn more about Bluetooth Headset Connectivity by watching the videos below, and don't forget to stop in or fill out the form below for more information regarding the best options for you!


Want more information? Ask one of our experts now!


8. Can my passenger also pair their Bluetooth device to the infotainment system?

Yes! Not only can you pair both the rider and passenger devices, but you can also designate each of the devices intended purpose through your Infotainment display. In other words, one device can be streaming music while the other can be used for phone calls.

Setting this up is as simple as pairing the second device (as described earlier). You can then assign the purpose for each of the devices on the List Paired Devices screen. On each of the paired devices, an icon will display whether that device is assigned to music or phone.

So, there you have it. If your specific question wasn’t addressed, we would love to hear from you and get you the answer you’re looking for!

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Helpful Motorcycle Tips for a Great Fall Road Trip

Posted by Sherry Long

Oct 22, 2014 4:41:18 PM


More and more riders are gearing up for their fall road trips. We get asked all the time for advice on what to bring, what to leave at home, how to pack a bike, and even where to go. So Indinapolis Southside Harley-Davidson offers some trusty tips on how to make your trip one worth remembering.

 What should I pack?

Harley-Davidson_Riding_GearIt seems like such a simple question, but it’s one without a specific answer. There really is no “right” way to pack for a motorcycle trip (though there are plenty of wrongs). It is more a matter of personal preference. Just like some campers choose a backpack while others prefer an RV, we see riders strap a duffel bag between their handlebars, pull trailers behind their Harleys, and everything in between.

Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson does have a few gear suggestions to consider:

  •       Lightweight synthetic clothingHarley road trip checklist
  •       Cold weather attire
  •       Rain gear
  •       Multi-tool
  •       Tire pressure gauge
  •       Flashlight or headlamp
  •       Extra batteries
  •       First aid kit
  •       Toiletries
  •       Sunglasses & sunscreen
  •       Maps or GPS
  •       Cell phone (don’t forget the ISSHD mobile app!)
  •       Phone charger
  •       Books & journal
  •       Laptop or tablet computer (if it fits)
  •       Drivers license
  •       Extra cash & credit cards

It likely goes without saying, but bring with you all the appropriate riding gear you need (helmet, leathers, gloves, boots, etc.), even if you don’t plan on wearing everything all the time. Remember that laws vary widely, so plan ahead before traveling over state lines.


How can I carry more on my bike?

Most motorcycle riders plan for what they’ll bring on a road trip, but many often forget about what they’ll pick up along the way. Thankfully, Harley-Davidson has several storage solutions.

 The Harley-Davidson Premium Luggage Collection includes a wide range of storage products to satisfy all of your road-tripping needs. Bring your bike out to Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson for a customized fitting by our parts & accessories pros. From saddlebags and travel bags, to luggage racks and anything in between, our team can create all the storage space you need, no matter how far you go or how long you’re gone.

Where should I go?

Located right here in Indianapolis, Southside Harley is the perfect starting point for any motorcycle trip. If you call central Indiana home, you know how easy it is to get to just about any place in the state in only a few hours. Want to go further? Visit our showroom and talk to a member of our team about great destinations all year long. 

Another great source of wisdom and friendly advice can be found within our local H.O.G. Chapter -  Indianapolis Southside Chapter of H.O.G. Harley Owners Group.  riders are a tightknit bunch and many are happy to share personal experiences to help you plan your ride. Visit our chapter website for membership info.

Fall is a favorite season for motorcycle road trips. Before you go, swing by Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson for the official H-D parts, gear, and service to keep you focused on the road ahead, not what you left behind. Have fun out there.

Don’t want to forget anything? Print this helpful pack checklist courtesy Harley-Davidson and
Indianapolis Southside H-D to make sure all your essentials go with you when it’s time to hit the road.

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5 Motorcycle Road Trip Tips to Tour in Comfort

Posted by Sherry Long

Jul 3, 2014 8:24:00 AM


Nothing says summertime quite like warm sunshine above and the open road ahead. That’s right, folks, touring season is officially here and it's time for a motorcycle road trip. Whether you’re riding around town or gearing up for an epic road trip, now is the time to get the most use out of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. To enhance your riding experience, Harley Davidson offers a wide range of touring products fro increased comfort and added convenience.

New riders and touring veterans alike realize the importance of comfort and convenience while exploring new places on their bike. That’s why Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson carries many great products no matter what kind of Harley you ride or where you ride it. Talk to a parts & accessories specialist at Southside Harley today and tell us about your riding style. We’ll teach you what you need to know, and get you set up and ready to go.

Here are 5 motorcycle road trip tips to tour in comfort on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. These licensed products are sure to make your motorcycle road trip better. 

1. Foot controls

Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit     Rider Running Board. Essential for your motorcycle road trip.      Rider Footboard Heel Guard   

Feet and legs get tired on long rides. Equipping yourself with the right parts means more comfort and fewer stops along the way. Don’t settle for anything less than official Harley-Davidson products like:

  • Adjustable Highway Peg Mounting Kit – With long and short angled options, these kits offer versatility for taller and shorter riders.
  • Rider Running Board – Longer and wider footboards let riders stretch out, relieving muscle tension and reducing fatigue along the way.
  • Rider Footboard Heel Guard – Love your Harley but hate cleaning those rubber scuff marks off your exhaust shield? Protect your boots and your bike at the same time.


2. Comfort

Road Zeppelin motorcycle road trip seat. A hard seat is no way to enjoy the great outdoors on your Harley-Davidson. Check out the Road Zeppelin seat, with a unique air bladder system that evenly distributes weight across the entire seating surface for you and your passenger. Get rid of pressure points and enjoy the added comfort of enhanced shock absorption and reduced vibration.





3. Luggage products

Touring Luggage System    Rolling Touring Bag. A perfect size for any motorcycle road trip.    King Tour-Pak Travel-Pak

No one understands your riding habits better than Harley-Davidson. And it shows with such a huge variety of adjustable luggage options. Genuine H-D luggage offers reflective trim, integrated rain covers, secure mounting systems and more, all accented with that unmistakable Bar & Shield logo. No matter where you go or how long you stay, Harley has the right luggage for you.


4. Audio

Best Motorcycle Speakers to hear your tunes on your road trip.    Boom! Audio Fairing Lower Speaker Kit    Boom! Audio High Performance Boom! Bagger Road Glide Fairing Speakers 

Bringing some tunes with you on the road? Equip your motorcycle with Boom! Audio components, exclusively from Harley-Davidson. Featuring premium speakers, amplifiers, and other audio upgrades, these products are designed for Harley riders and their favorite motorcycles.


5. Navigation
Road Tech zumo 665 GPS Navigator  Motorcycle Navigation Kit

You can leave your maps behind and let the Road TechTM zumo® 665 be your guide. This motorcycle-friendly navigator is more than just a GPS unit – it offers options such as continuously updated satellite weather and traffic information as well as stereo Bluetooth® and SiriusXMTM Satellite Radio. This item is only available for purchase in-store so stop in and get more information.  

Want more information? Request a Call from our Parts Department!

These are just a few of the countless options we have in stock at 
Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson. Want to see what’s new for 2014? Visit Southside H-D today, where you can learn more about official Harley-Davidson touring products, get demos, and try items out for yourself.

Indiana is the Crossroads of America. Before you choose a road of your own this touring season, let Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson get you there in comfort, style, and safety.

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