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How To Clean Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Posted by Sherry Long

Apr 4, 2019 12:10:09 PM

motorcycle cleaning products

Icleaning productsndianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson offers lots of great tips, tricks, and advice for keeping your prized possession looking as shiny as the day you first rode it home.

What you need to clean your Harley Davidson:

  • Wash mitt
  • Microfiber detailing cloth
  • Softstrips
  • Soft detailing pad
  • Wheel & spoke brush
  • Softcloth
  • Soft drying towel
  • HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer

Essential Harley Davidson Cleaning

  • Wheel & tire cleaner
  • Sunwash concentrate
  • Bug remover
  • Harley Glaze polish & sealant
  • Harley Black
Prepare your motorcycle for a thorough wash


The Wash Process

1.      Cool Down

      • Don’t start cleaning until your motorcycle is cool to the touch.
      • Cold water can damage a hot bike.


      • Rinse your bike with clean water from the bottom up.
      • Do you have the proper cleaning and detailing supplies on hand?


3.      Wheels & Tires

      • Rinse your wheels and tires, making sure to wet all surfaces with clean water.
      • Spray on wheel & tire cleaner andwait one minute.How to properly wash your Harley-Davidson motorcycle
      • Clean the wheels with your soft detailing pad or your wheel & spoke brush.
      • Rinse well.

The Wash

      • Use two clean buckets; one for cleaning and one for rinsing.
      • Pour Sunwash concentrate into one bucket and fill with water.
      • Fill your second bucket with just clean water.
      • Soak your wash mitt in the bucket with Sunwash solution.
      • Wash all bike surfaces; start at the top and work your way down.
      • Use Harley’s bug remover to easily clean away those caked-on insects.
      • Rinse all bike surfaces; start at the bottom and work your way up.harley davidson cleaning products
      • Finish with a final top down rinse.

How to properly wash your Harley-Davidson motorcycle








drying resized 600


Drying the Motorcycle

      • Use your soft drying towel on all bike surfaces.
      • For faster, more effectivedrying, use the HOG Blaster motorcycle dryer.
      • Dampen your towel in the bucket of clean water, and wring out any excess water.
      • Wipe across the entire bike surface.
      • Wring out the towel often and continue wiping until your bike is completely dry.


How to properly polish your Harley-Davidson motorcycle


 6.      Polish & Seal

        • Remember that a well-maintained Harley repels dust, dirt, bugs, and dirty water.
        • Use Harley Glaze polish & sealant with your softcloth ormicrofiber detailing cloth and follow the bottle instructions.
        • A softcloth is an absolute must for buffing your bike.

Add Harley Black to Tires


Harley-Davidson motorcycles are incredible machines that give you many years of riding pleasure. Also, they’re valuable investments that are worth caring for properly. Proper Harley Davidson care will increase your riding pleasure and, ultimately, help retain your bike’s value. Want to protect your bike for the long run? Check out these special protective products exclusively from H-D: 

Harley Glaze poly sealant
Windshield water repellant
Leather protectant
Harley Preserve bare aluminum protectant wipes

 harley davidson cleaning tips

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How to properly wash your Harley-Davidson motorcycle | A workshop at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson

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Ladies Garage Party at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson

Posted by Sherry Long

Feb 23, 2017 4:07:03 PM

Harley-Davidson and Southside H-D want to prove that motorcycling isn’t a boy’s club anymore. Ladies, if you have ever been interested in learning more about riding, we have the perfect opportunity, even if you’ve never been on a bike before.

Welcome to the Garage Party.

What’s It All About?


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.00.02 PM.pngGarage Parties were created for women with little or no riding experience. These events start with the basics – bike models, components, accessories, and riding gear. You’ll even get the opportunity to start up and "ride" a Harley with the JumpStart Rider Experience.

Think of it as “Motorcycle 101.” Our goal is to get you more comfortable with Harley-Davidson culture and the lifestyle that comes with it, and answer all of your questions in a fun, lighthearted setting surrounded by gals just like you.





Who Do I Bring?

Grab your girlfriends, but leave the boys at home! The folks at Southside will be hosting this event, and dinner, door prizes, and lots more fun is included. Remember, we want to meet women who are new to riding or have never ridden.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is our favorite question. Why? Because the Garage Party is FREE! You read that right … there is absolutely no cost to attend. All we ask is that you stop by Southside or visit our website to register for our Ladies Garage Party. Space is limited and reservations are required, so don’t wait. The rest is on us!


Okay I’m In – What Else Do I Need to Know?

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 4.00.31 PM.pngWe can’t wait to see you. This year, Southside is only hosting one Garage Party event at our Indianapolis dealership, and it’s coming up soon on Saturday, March 4th. Doors open and dinner starts at 5:30 p.m., followed by door prize drawings at 6. The event runs until 9 p.m., and we’ll open up our store for an exclusive opportunity to shop after that.

Whether you’re new to riding or have never even touched a bike before, the Harley-Davidson Garage Party at Southside Harley is for you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Be sure to sign up now and tell your friends, too. We’ll see you here on March 4th!

 Register for our   Ladies Garage Party

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Meet the Milwaukee-Eight, Harley-Davidson’s Newest V-Twin Engine

Posted by Sherry Long

Feb 22, 2017 10:37:53 AM

Those folks who say good things never last, well, they must ride a different brand of motorcycle. While it’s not quite forever, 107 years is a pretty long time. That’s how long Harley-Davidson’s V-Twin engine has been around. Perhaps even more impressive, is that in that entire time, just eight legendary designs have powered the millions of motorcycles ridden off H-D assembly lines; fabricated in high-end custom shops; and hammered together in dusty, dimly lit garages. Only eight V-Twin motors in 107 years. Until now...


2016 will go down in motorcycle history as the year that Harley-Davidson gave us the Milwaukee-Eight, the ninth in the lineage of the company’s iconic Big Twin engines and the most powerful one H-D has ever built. Down the road, Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight will share conversation and swap meet counter space with words and labels like “Flathead,” “Knucklehead,” “Pan” and “Shovel.” And, while those last four motors carry an almost mythical status, we’ve gotta be honest … the Milwaukee-Eight might just be Harley’s best engine yet. Why? Because you helped build it.

Here at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, we love touring motorcycles. At the Crossroads of America, our city is one of the nation’s best starting lines for any great road trip. As the state’s oldest Harley dealership, we know these machines better than most. The coolest thing about the new engine is that Harley-Davidson reached out to all types of people to get input and feedback on how best to build it. Harley fans, folks who ride other brands … even first-time riders and those who don’t own a bike yet but are considering the Bar & Shield name. H-D did its homework and got an A+ in our book, by taking the time to actually listen to people in order to find out what riders really want in a touring motorcycle.



So, here’s the big question - what do years of research, testing, and engineering give you, the rider? Let’s take a look:


  • More power, thanks to larger displacement and higher compression 
  • Quicker acceleration (we’re talking two to three bike lengths faster from 0-60 mph)  

  • Improved rider and passenger comfort, due to enhanced heat management  

  • Improved fit, because of narrow primary and optimized air cleaner shape
  • Reduced vibration that comes from an internal single counter balancer
  • Richer exhaust notes resulting from less mechanical powertrain noise
  • Lower idle speed for even better sound and less heat
  • Improved charging (50% more output to meet increased touring accessory needs)


Eight serious improvements that make H-D’s ninth V-Twin their new #1.


We know you’ve heard about the Milwaukee-Eight engine. Powersports writers and motorcycle fans, even the competition, can’t stop talking about it. But have you heard the engine itself, in person? Have you felt exactly what it can do? Indiana’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership invites you to experience Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin for yourself. Come on down to Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson and schedule a free test ride. Or, book a test ride online from just about anywhere. Whether you’re a veteran of touring motorcycles, ride another style, or are brand new to bikes, we guarantee you’ll love this new motor and the new machines it powers. Stop by and see what all the talk is about today.