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Extending the Life of your Harley Davidson Battery

Posted by Sherry Long

Oct 27, 2014 2:03:00 PM

Harley-Davidson Service

First of all, you need to know why you should buy a Harley Davidson Battery for your motorcycle.

It's simple.

All motorcycle batteries were NOT created equal.

  • Harley Davidson Batteries

• are specifically designed and built as part of the vehicle's electrical system to meet the strict H-D design and test standards.

  • • have a patented flush-mounted and strong molded-in terminal design for superior cable contact and longevity.H-D Battery

  • • are completely sealed and leak-proof to protect you and your bike

  • • have internal components that are designed to meet the H-D electrical and vibration profile, which provides superior durability

So, ditch that "Other" battery. Sure, it may have saved you a few bucks when you bought it, but no bargain brand can ever compete with the quality and durability that comes with a genuine Harley-Davidson battery.

harley davidson battery 

Batteries tend to get forgotten about. They're just expected to work. Here are a few things everyone should know about motorcycle batteries:

Did you know that even when your motorcycle is parked and turned off, it’s losing juice? Even in ideal conditions, your bike’s battery loses about 3% of its charge every month. And when these Indianapolis summer days get hotter than
70 degrees outside, you double that discharge rate.

  • To a battery, a big load for a short time is the same as a tiny load for a long time
  • When a motorcycle is parked, the load on the battery is small but never zero - given enough time, parking will dischage any battery
  • Motorcycles with added accessories, such as alarm systems, have even larger loads discharging their batteries with parked
  • A battery discharges continuously in small internal loads called "self-discharge" - it speeds up drastically as the temperature rises
  • A discharged battery can't start a motorcycle
  • A battery discharged too deeply, for too long, may be permanently damaged

So, what's the solution to extending the life of your Harley Davidson battery?

Use a battery tender. It will provide a continuous flow of just enough energy to offset loads and self-discharge without overcharging. If you regularly use a batter tender it will add years to the life of your battery. The key is to plug your motorcycle's battery into a battery tender, not just over winter, but any time you are not on the bike.

It's simple, if you don't keep your battery charged with a tender in this way, you will be buying a new battery much more often.

my harleyI can attest to the validity of that last statement. From the day I bought my new '03 H-D 100th Anniversary Dyna Low Rider, it's always been plugged into a battery tender when I'm not riding it. Even if I'm going to ride the next day, I still plug it in. I didn't have to replace my original battery for over nine years. When I finally replaced it, the guys at the counter couldn't believe it was the original battery. - Sherry Long


Here are two H-D Battery Tenders to consider for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

battery tenders

  • 750mA SuperSmart Battery Tender. This compact battery tender is superior to a traditional auto-parts store trickle charger. It features built-in “smart” circuitry cycles that turn itself on and off automatically as needed. That way, your battery never overcharges. This model comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Part #66000038 - Cost $39.95
  • 800mA Waterproof Battery Tender. This waterproof battery tender is ideal for both short-term and seasonal storage, even if moisture gets into your storage area. The 3-step charging system consistantly monitors battery voltage to bring the battery up to full charge and switches to float mode to maintain the charge over extended periods. The vibration-resistant battery tender is reverse polarity protected and spark-proof, even when the leads touch.

Shop for these and other great H-D products, and learn more about them at your Central-Indiana Harley Home, Indianapolis Southside H-D.

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