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Pioneers Of Hoosier Motorcycling: Preserving History, Inspiring Future Riders

Posted by Dan Novit

Jan 22, 2019 12:26:31 PM

Could you imagine a world without the freedom to ride? What if the exhilarating rush of motorcycling had died on the treacherous battlefields of 1940's Germany and never evolved into the winding roads and raceways we so freely blaze today? Oh, what a (quiet) world it would be.

Luckily for us, our distant ancestors recognized the potential for something much greater hidden within those post-war motorcycles, igniting a passionate flame that would be entwined within the DNA of generations to come. It would be their children- and theirs after them- who would be trusted to nurture that fire and keep the spirit alive.

Although that roaring community of motorcycling legends encompassed riders from all over the world, many of these great names straddled their first bike right here in the state of Indiana- and they'll still jump at the chance to tell you the story.

This February, the Indiana Motorcycle Expo will be back again for its 28th year at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, with a fleeting opportunity to hear the first-hand accounts of some of Indiana's most recognized Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling.

 A Few Names From The Blazing Trails

Bob Schulteti Blog1

When your father inadvertently stumbles into a job at Harley-Davidson® as a 16 year-old kid (George Schulteti, 1922), it's pretty likely that you're going to inherit the adrenaline gene, too. As a young teen, Bob swept the floors and worked various odd jobs around his father's dealership, Harley-Davidson Sales & Service (the oldest H-D® dealer in Indiana, now Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson) and, in 1948, entered his first race- an English Trial in Butlerville, Indiana. He won. 


Blog3Bob would go on to race in many more events over the next few decades, including short track, flat track, hill climb, enduro and more, until finally rolling off the throttle (in racing, anyway) in the late 60's.


Of course, his legacy could never be complete without taking over the family business in 1981, where he proudly continues to serve the local community as President of Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson.

Bob Schulteti, Owner of Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson 


   Read more about Bob HERE




Tim Weaver

As a 13 year-old boy, he literally starved himself for the sake of riding, setting aside his school lunch money for his motorcycle fund. In fact, before even riding a motorcycle, he knew that he wanted to race one. He would hang out on the south side of Indy- where the motorcycle trails were- and shoot the breeze with a few of the riders, eager to take in as much information as possible. Tim-Weaver-004-e1481735943968

It came to a point where he just couldn't stand not having some kind- any kind- of motorized bike. So he traded a roll of pennies for an old Briggs and Stratton engine and, with a little ingenuity, mounted it to a bicycle frame and voila- a do-it-yourself motorcycle. It certainly wasn't an authentic Enduro, but Tim recalls the first time he hit 15 MPH as being "the greatest sensation" he'd ever felt.

Of course, it didn't last long. Not long after her maiden voyage- and after hitting the trails a few times- the "beast" broke down and Tim sold her for parts. But he had tasted just enough to inspire his thirst for more.

Read more about Tim HERE

 The Future Of Motorcycling

Sadly, motorcycling is becoming less and less attractive to our more recent generations, which further emphasis the need to re-ignite the once-burning flame these pioneers kept alive for so many years. Recognizing the importance of preserving this legendary pastime and inspire younger generations to ride, the Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling have enlisted on a mission: to compile their fragile memories into a documentary that can be shared with the world.

Learn More and Donate To The Pioneers' Project HERE




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Our Harley-Davidson Mobile App Keeps You Connected.

Posted by Sherry Long

Feb 8, 2015 8:53:45 AM

app-Web-Icon Now you can take Indianapolis Southside Harley Davidson on the go with your smart phone, wherever the road takes you!

Be sure to download our Harley-Davidson mobile app today. Available for Android and iOS-powered devices, you can now browse new and used motorcycle inventory, parts, and accessories, schedule service appointments, and stay informed about all of our events, rides, and promotions from just about anywhere. The Harley mobile app brings you all of the power and features you love about our website, and makes them easier to navigate from your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, it’s totally free!

Join the hundreds of other customers who already carry the Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson mobile app wherever they go. From maps and directions, to the newest products in stock and convenient dealership contact information, this app is essential for any Indianapolis area Harley fan. We appreciate all of you who have already downloaded and reviewed our app. If you haven’t left a review for us yet, please take a moment and do so today!

The new smartphone mobile app from ISSHD; it’s just one more way we love to stay connected and provide the very best service experience to all of our customers. Click here to download, or visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today!



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Real Feedback. Real Reviews. From Real Southside Harley-Davidson Customers.

Posted by Sherry Long

Nov 7, 2014 9:12:30 AM


We sport a common theme here at Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson. You read about it on our blog, you see it at our open houses and other events, and you experience it every time you walk through our showroom doors.

That theme is simple: we appreciate our customers. We welcome you into our family and invite you to make yourself at home.

It is folks like you who have helped and continue to help make us one of the premier Harley-Davidson dealerships in Indiana and the entire nation!

Whether you’re a brand new customer or you've been doing business with us since "back in the day" we want you to tell us what we’re doing right, and tell us how we can do even better.


New Call-to-action

Did you know that Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson has an exclusive review website? Here you can read real reviews with honest feedback written by real customers, see how our employees stack up based on customer evaluations, and even write your own review of your experience at our Indianapolis dealership. We want and depend on your honest opinions. Bought a bike? Had yours serviced? Picked up some parts or gear? No matter what you purchased or how much you spent, we encourage you to take a few moments and share your experience. At Indianapolis Southside H-D, we value and respect the opinions of our customers, and we’ll do what it takes to earn not only your repeat business, but also your trust.

Visit our review site. Once there, you’ll also find contact information for Indianapolis Southside H-D. Please give us a call or stop by if you have any questions or comments that you want one of our team members to address. Thanks for visiting Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson, Indiana’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership. We’ve been around for over 67 years and four generations of family ownership thanks to customers like you, and your honest feedback helps us get better all the time.

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